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    Welcome to Yellow Canary Photography's website! I am Christina Anderson, owner of Yellow Canary Photography. I am a Portrait Photographer who offers women of all ages the chance to feel as if they just stepped into their own Vogue photo session. High School Seniors and women of all ages are my favorites but that doesn't exclude men either. I love what I do, have a Bachelors in Digital Photography, and can't wait to work with you!

Silly Session

For homework we often have to shoot portraits.  This was meant to be a fun session however and the models and I had a total blast.  I love when I get to just play with portraits.



Flowers in Oregon

Recently I was able to shoot the wedding of Michael and Jamie Oversby and it was a blast!  My family was able to go to Oregon for this (from California, that was a drive!)  While there we were able to visit a rose garden where my daughter, 11 years old, was in heaven shooting flowers with my camera phone.  It was such a great trip, I wanted to share a few images from the flowers that day.  Plenty more images to come, college and work have been busy lately which is awesome!  Have I mentioned yet how green Oregon was?  SO pretty!


I realize this is not my normal posting (I shoot portraits) but this was just too fun.





Professor Anderson

A recent college assignment had us shoot in a dark shady spot using our lights to make it appear as if we were shooting on a sunny day.  This was incredibly tricky as not only were we in the shade but the wind was gusting that day and my lights were dangerously close to falling over.  Our solution was involving my kids to come hold down the lighting (despite them being cold and not wanting to do it).


Doesn’t she look happy?  Needless to say the assignment was very specific in the details and wanted a man who appeared like a professor, wearing a shirt and tie with a jacket, glasses, and carrying a set of books.  I knew exactly where to shoot this (thanks to Hesperia High School!)  They turned out pretty nicely actually, Ray was the perfect model (hubby) and he even teaches Math so it was perfect!





I’m off to work on more homework assignments, 10 more months until I have my Bachelors Degree in Digital Photography and these teachers push us hard!

Hello Again!



Hello everyone!  I know, I appeared to be missing for a while now.  I have been working hard, however, on my college degree!  It has been a very difficult challenge but also quite rewarding as I work on my Bachelors in Photography.  It is an online program and is crazy for a mom of three/wife/woman like me BUT I am confidant that it is helping me grow in so many ways.  Meanwhile, I am thrilled to keep you updated on my images as well as what I have in the works.

That being said I am moving my style to Contemporary Women’s Portraiture.  What does that mean you ask?  It is a full service portrait session where we have a professional hair/makeup artist come and we play dress up!  Seriously though, I promise you will look and feel amazing when we are done.  It is an unique experience and I can’t wait to share it with the High Desert!