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    Welcome to Yellow Canary Photography's website! I am Christina Anderson, owner of Yellow Canary Photography. I am a Portrait Photographer who offers women of all ages the chance to feel as if they just stepped into their own Vogue photo session. High School Seniors and women of all ages are my favorites but that doesn't exclude men either. I love what I do, have a Bachelors in Digital Photography, and can't wait to work with you!

Broken Project

I am working on my Thesis class for my Bachelors degree right now and it is killer.  I started this series but the teacher wanted me to take a different direction.  That being said I couldn’t just toss them so I am sharing them.  I wanted to show that sometimes, even though things look okay, we all feel broken.  I have felt broken a lot over the last several years and, like many, have had my own struggles.  I am just grateful I have my faith, husband, and family and friends to get me through those times and remind me I’m not as broken as I might feel and that trials pass on.  These images may be scrapped from my project but I still liked them.




Birds of a Feather- Owl

I pieced together this skirt for my model with feathers and a glue gun if you can imagine that!  I had been given the jacket and this outfit came together so perfectly.  I have to admit I was over the moon with how this owl outfit came together and the model was a pro with it, it made everything so enjoyable!  I hope you are enjoying these images as much as I did making them!





For the Birds- Red Bird

I recently met this model and she is so amazingly fabulous!  She totally rocked her shoot and knew how to move her body.  I was quite impressed as she does this as a hobby but can tell she enjoys what she does.  I can’t say enough about how excited I was that this outfit came together!  She also brought a co-worker and it was incredibly wonderful to have another great model.  Her friend had never done this before but look at her rocking her shoot!